Connie Suttle's Books

Connie Suttle lives in Oklahoma with her patient, long-suffering husband and three cats. The cats are neither patient or long-suffering, as cats tend to be.

Connie is the author of the Blood Destiny Series, The Legend of the Ir'Indicti Series, The High Demon Series, The God Wars Series, The Saa Thalarr Series, First Ordinance Series and the R-D Series.
Legend of the Ir'Indicti
Bumble(Legend of the Ir'Indicti, book 1)
Shadowed(Legend of the Ir'Indicti, book 2)
Target(Legend of the Ir'Indicti, book 3)
Vendetta(Legend of the Ir'Indicti, book 4)
Destroyer(Legend of the Ir'Indicti, book 5)
High Demon
Demon Lost(High Demon, book 1)
Demon Revealed(High Demon, book 2)
Demon's King(High Demon, book 3)
Demon's Quest(High Demon, book 4)
Demon's Revenge(High Demon, book 5)
Demon's Dream(High Demon, book 6)
Blood Destiny
Blood Wager(Blood Destiny, book 1)
Blood Passage(Blood Destiny, book 2)
Blood Sense(Blood Destiny, book 3)
Blood Domination(Blood Destiny, book 4)
Blood Royal(Blood Destiny, book 5)
Blood Queen(Blood Destiny, book 6)
Blood Rebellion(Blood Destiny, book 7)
Blood War(Blood Destiny, book 8)
Blood Redemption(Blood Destiny, book 9)
Blood Reunion(Blood Destiny, book 10)
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