Amanda Hocking's Books

Amanda Hocking (born July 12, 1984) is an American writer of paranormal romance young-adult fiction. Amanda Hocking is a lifelong Minnesotan obsessed with Batman and Jim Henson. In between watching cooking shows, taking care of her menagerie of pets, and drinking too much Red Bull Zero, she writes young adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance.
Kanin Chronicles
Frostfire(Kanin Chronicles, book 1)
Ice Kissed(Kanin Chronicles, book 2)
Hollowland(Hollows, book 1)
Hollowmen(Hollows, book 2)
Wake(Watersong, book 1)
Lullaby(Watersong, book 2)
Tidal(Watersong, book 3)
Elegy(Watersong, book 4)
Trylle Trilogy
Switched(Trylle Trilogy, book 1)
Torn(Trylle Trilogy, book 2)
Ascend(Trylle Trilogy, book 3)
My Blood Approves Series
My Blood Approves(My Blood Approves Series, book 1)
Fate(My Blood Approves Series, book 2)
Flutter(My Blood Approves Series, book 3)
Wisdom(My Blood Approves Series, book 4)
Letters to Elise(My Blood Approves Series, book 4.5)
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