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Human Shifter(Werewolf Shifter Romance, book 3)(1) by Aubrey Rose



Julia had just dropped her course catalog on her bed when from behind her came a low growl.

Don't move," the voice said.

She froze. Her notebook tumbled from her fingers to the floor and spilled loose pages everywhere. After only a split second, before she could decide whether or not to turn around, strong arms came around her chest and gripped her tightly. She gasped as hot lips grazed her neck, the touch electrifying her nerves and giving away the identity of the intruder as the connection between them sprang into clear focus.

Haven't I told you not to sneak up on me like that?" she said.

Well, but I never thought you meant it. Besides," he said, nuzzling her hair, "you deserve it."

Deserve it?" Julia wanted to turn around, but Damien's hands were moving over her body in such a delicious way ...

Of course you deserve it. For letting a blind man sneak up on you. Again!"

First off, you can't very well call yourself blind," Julia said, leaning back into his embrace as his teeth nibbled at her ear. "You can sense me better than I—"

I am legally blind." Damien said. "Furthermore, one sense does not replace another. I would give my left ear—"

To see my right tit, yes, I know," Julia said, grinning as she spun around to face her mate. She couldn't stop a flash of sympathy from crossing her heart when she saw again the white scars that crisscrossed his eyes, the misted irises speckled gold that gleamed amber when he kissed her. He was always more wolflike in bed.

I don't want your pity," Damien said, clasping her hands to his chest. His eyebrows were dark slashes across his forehead.

Don't spy—"

It's not spying. I can't help it. I want things to be open between us."

It's only open in one direction," Julia said. She hoped that she did not sound too petulant. "I'm looking the wrong way into a one-way mirror here."

I tell you everything that I feel," Damien said.

You tell me some of the things you feel," Julia said. "Not all."


Not what you're feeling when you smell Mara go by after a workout." Julia cocked her head.

Damien closed his eyes.

Julia ... "

You don't need to explain," she said, snapping down on the thought she hadn't meant to let slip out.

It's different," Damien said. "I don't love her. Hell, I don't even like her. It's a purely physical reaction."

As opposed to what? All of the NON-physical emotions that I must have?" Julia said. She hadn't meant to start a fight, but now that he was on the defensive, she was too.

No, you're right," Damien said. "It's not fair. I need to stop getting so upset."

I'm sorry," Julia said, feeling guilty for her sarcasm and frustration at knowing Damien could already sense her guilt. "I know it's physical for you., It's physical for me too, when I look at your face." She placed both her hands on his cheeks, her thumbs stoking the seams lightly. "But of course there's more than pity. There's love. I hope you feel that."

I do. I want you to be able to feel it from me too."

That's impossible."

She said it softly. But he winced as she spoke the last word as though she had slapped him across the face.

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