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Big Girl Going On Tour(Big Girl, book 2)(1) by Aubrey Rose


Shannon lay in the bathtub, her hand between her thighs and her mind on Julian Bremmer. She had turned out the lights and placed candles all around the bath. If she didn’t have anyone to be romantic with right now, she would just have to be romantic with herself. And the guitarist who in her imagination already had his arms around her and his fingers deep into her tightness.

“Oh, Julian,” she murmured. Her fingers slipped down to a place that was wet with desire as much as with bathwater. She pressed down firmly, her third finger circling around the pink nub that grew hard under the attention. She had tied back her red hair but a few loose strands fell down into the water, growing dark with moisture.

Steam filled the tiny bathroom and Shannon tilted her head back along the edge of the tub, inhaling deeply as she stroked herself. With her free hand she caressed her own br**sts, trying to mimic the way Julian pinched her n**ples, set her nerves on fire.

“I want you,” she moaned, her h*ps rocking back and forth slightly. She settled into a rhythm that wound her body up even as she moved slowly. Every part of her was completely relaxed but for one – in between her legs, the tension was rising, rising higher. She twisted one nipple hard and cried out softly as the pain caused a delightful shock to spread through the front of her body.

“Ohh,” she cried out. That was wonderful. She twisted her nipple again, the dark pink button rolling between her thumb and finger. “Ohhhh.”

She felt the familiar pain of desire reach up to meet her from down there. Her body ached for Julian, wanted his huge c*ck inside of her. She felt empty without him, and every day grew emptier.

Shannon pressed both hands between her thighs, her fingers working madly. She pushed down as though she was pushing back all of her old insecurities, all of the pain that had evaporated the night she spent with Julian. The water in the tub splashed at the sides as her arms moved faster and faster, bringing her closer to orgasm.

Close, so closenow—

The orgasm uncoiled through her body as her hands moved over her slickness, the waves of cli**x breaking prematurely, it seemed, against the walls of her body. She braced her feet against the bottom of the tub and closed her eyes, her back curved in tension now as the shudders ran through her.

“Yes! Julian!” She moaned in pleasure, letting her body sink back under the warmth of the water. Then she was done, her body still clenching and unclenching as her fingers lay limp against her wet skin.

The ache of desire still pounded at her heart, though. It did not seem to matter how many times she got herself off; after the orgasms ran through her she always wanted more. Her roommate Brynn had even mentioned how much she had been hogging the bathroom, with all of her showers and baths that ran on much longer than usual. She needed a deeper satisfaction than this, it seemed. Now that she knew what was possible...

Would she ever be happy again without Julian?

It had been a week since Julian had swept her off of her feet backstage at the concert, but she hadn’t heard from him at all. Not since she left his hotel room where they had spent one magical night together. At least, she thought that it had been magical.

“I’m going to be busy with the next couple of tour stops,” Julian had said.

“It’s okay,” Shannon said. “I understand.”

Only part of that was true. She understood that he would be busy, sure. But not even to call? It broke her heart every day that passed without word from him. And although she understood that she was just some stupid college girl from a small town, she had thought that they shared something, a deeper connection.

It had just been a dream. She was stupid to think that it was anything more, no matter how good the sex had been. For the past couple of days, she had been muddling around in school and work, her energy depleted. She couldn’t stop thinking about Julian and moping, moping, moping. Even her photography professor had noticed that she hadn’t been as active in class critiques.

Her best friend Jason had been oddly absent as well. He hadn’t even really been excited for her when she told him about her impossible tryst with the hottest rock guitarist this side of the Mississippi. Sure, he had hugged her, but it was a halfhearted hug compared to most of Jason’s normally exuberant embraces. Maybe he was just jealous. After all, they had both fallen in love with Wilder Side, but only Shannon had gotten to go home with one of the band members. That must be it. He was jealous.

“Well, nuts to him,” Shannon said out loud, not knowing if she meant Jason or Julian. Nuts to both of them. She splashed her hands into the water in a mock tantrum. It was lukewarm already; time to get out. She was already horny again. Ugh.

“It’s okay, Shannon,” she said to herself, toweling off. She looked in the mirror. “It’s going to be okay.”

Even if she never talked to him again, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. She had been through too many one-night stands until she realized that most guys thought that she was an easy lay. Once she got wise to that, she set her standards much higher. Julian had been a slip, a lapse. She would never again sleep with someone as soon as she met him. And hell, he hadn’t even fully undressed – it couldn’t count as a one night stand. Even if he had given her the best orgasms of her life.

Still, she thought it had been different this time...

“Get yourself out! Of! This! Funk!” Shannon tossed her dripping red hair behind her back and toweled off the remaining moisture on her body. She reached over and turned on the radio as she dried her hair. The rock song blared out of the stereo system.

Don’t look back,

Unless you want me... as bad as I want you—

“ARGH!” Shannon screamed. Of course it would have to be Wilder Side on the radio. She could even see Julian in her mind, playing the guitar line as Alex Wilder sang the lyrics. She slammed her hand down on the radio search button. The next station was playing some up-and-coming bubble gum girl rock band.

Shannon sang along to the catchy tune, drying her hair and using the blow dryer as a microphone during the sing-along chorus. Her towel fell to the floor and she danced in front of the mirror, turning the song to full blast.



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