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Big Girl Backstage Pass(Big Girl, book 1)(1) by Aubrey Rose


Shannon hung up the phone and squealed, her voice ringing through the apartment.

“Did someone die, or win the lottery?” Brynn yelled from the other room. Shannon fairly skipped down the hallway to poke her head into her roommate’s bedroom. Brynn was laying in bed, her earphones tugged down around her neck and her linear algebra textbook propped up on her knees.

“Jason did. Not died, won the lottery. He called in and got tickets to Wilder Side! The concert is this week in LA!”

Brynn’s eyebrows raised slightly. Some people might think that she was unimpressed, but Shannon knew that for her, this indicated extreme excitement.

“That’s that boy rock band thing, right?”

“Yeah, Wilder Side.”

“You’ve been calling like every morning,” Brynn said.

“And now all of my hard work has paid off,” Shannon said. She plopped herself on the end of Brynn’s bed. “Backstage passes; can you believe it?”

“So Jason’s taking you?”

“Hell yeah! Who else would he take?”

“I don’t know, I thought he had a boyfriend.” Brynn’s eyebrows furrowed as she examined a problem in her textbook and scribbled something down in her notes.

“No, they broke up over summer break, remember?”

“Right, right.”

Shannon reached over and stole Brynn’s paper away.

“Um, hello, Shannon, I have to get this homework done,” Brynn said. Shannon had one more semester left in her art major – photography, to be precise – and Brynn was studying math. As different as they were, they got along impeccably as roommates.

“Um, hello, you have to be at least a little excited for me first,” Shannon said. “It’s Alex Wilder!”

Brynn rolled her eyes.

“Oh my god,” Brynn said, her voice taking on the inflection of a California valley girl. “That is like, so hella awesome and stuff. Alex Wilde is like, totally the hottest.”

“Thank you,” Shannon said, smiling as she handed Brynn her homework back. “It’s Alex Wilder. And yes, he totally is the hottest.”

“Okay, okay,” Brynn said, slipping her headphones back over her head. “Tell him hi for me.”

“I will,” Shannon said. “But now I have to go shopping and buy the hottest dress ever so that I can get with the hottest rock star ever.”

“Mmmhmm, congratulations,” Brynn said, already absorbed in her homework. Shannon hopped off of the bed and Brynn pulled her headphones away from one ear. “Oh, and there’s some everything bagels in the fridge if you want.”

“Thanks,” Shannon said. She walked all the way down to the kitchen before stopping in the middle of the doorway. What was she doing? She couldn’t eat carbs right before going dress shopping for a dress that Alex Wilder was going to see her in. But everything-bagels sounded so good. She hesitated at the entrance of the kitchen, torn over the decision. Bagels. Alex Wilder. Bagels. Alex. Bagels. Alex.

“Come on Shannon,” she said softly to herself. She turned on her heel and walked away, casting one mournful gaze behind her towards the kitchen. The bagels seemed to be whispering her name, like sirens luring her in towards the coast to be cast upon the sharp rocks.

“Come on Shannon,” she said again, picking up her purse from the counter with a newfound determination. “Alex Wilder is waiting for you.”


Jason met her at the door and they both let out simultaneous screams of joy.

“I still can’t believe it. Can you believe it?” Jason said.

“I can’t believe it. Can you believe it?”

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