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Alpha's Child(Werewolf Shifter Romance, book 4)(1) by Aubrey Rose



“I’m pregnant.”

Julia saw Damien pause his step, his expression turning from recognition of the words she was saying to a sudden understanding. The trees behind him swayed in the wind, but he remained frozen. What would he say? She could not take her eyes off of his own, blind and scarred, as she waited in that brief second where so much of their future would be decided with his reaction.

His emotions hit her so hard that it took her breath away. She bent over, her hands clasped to her belly which beat newly with life, a gasp coming from her.

It was love, yes, but more than that. The wave of joy and awe coming from Damien had a physical effect on Julia, an ineffable bursting of emotion in her chest. Her love and joy tangled with his, and she was seized by the joyous current and carried up by it.

“Damien!” Julia held her hands out to him and he took them at the touch, turned them, intertwined his fingers in hers and drew her close. The sky overhead was gray with clouds, but the storm which had drenched them a minute earlier was dissipating. Despite the chill of the air and the dampness of her clothes, Julia was warm.

“My love. My mate,” he said.

His eyes glowed brightly behind their blindness, so much that for a moment, he looked directly at Julia as though he could see her, and the Calling between them pulled them yet closer together. She had been able to shift—she had been a wolf, if only for a brief moment. She could do it! Now that she knew the wonder of it, it was as though there was another experience tying her to Damien. Something even stronger that bonded them as one.

“A child,” Dee said, coming forward into the forest clearing. Her voice sounded old for the first time. Julia could see her grandmother’s wrinkled hand shaking as she lifted it to her lips. And, too, for the first time, she could sense Dee’s presence, almost see it shimmering in the air around her. It bent Julia’s vision, rippled the light. Whatever it was, it was beautiful.

“The alpha’s child,” Dee repeated, both hands now touching her mouth as though she were afraid to say the words. Her eyes shimmered—was it her presence Julia sensed or was it tears?

“Our child,” Damien said, but his eyes had left Julia’s and looked blank once again, the light mist drawing close the haze over his irises.

The wind blew through the highest branches of the pines, making them dance. Overhead the clouds wisped apart, and sunlight peeked through from behind the storm. A bird called once, then fell silent.

Julia took Damien’s hands and placed them on her belly.

“Our children,” she said.

Damien’s lips parted, his mouth trying to form words but unable to find them. Dee looked at Julia, her eyes wide under the shock of her white hair.

“Yes,” Julia said to the unspoken question. “We’re going to have twins.”



Damien could not believe his ears.

“Twins?” he repeated. His hand caressed Julia’s skin, still damp from the rain. The connection between them had strengthened into a solid bond of understanding as soon as she’d shifted, one that had not been lost even now that she was back in human form. Her peacefulness washed over him, calming him even as his mind struggled to make sense of the words she was speaking. The thunder from the storm sounded again, miles away now and already fading. He could smell the scent of wolf blood on Julia’s body.

“Can you feel them?” Julia asked.

Damien pressed his palms against her skin, tried to find the hint of a being inside of her. It was impossible, he was sure, for she had only been pregnant for weeks at most. And yet he felt something, a change in her own presence as he sensed it. Perhaps that was the first trace he would receive from his child. From his children.


A great wonder took hold of him, an awe that he had never felt before, not even when he was a child praying to the gods. The magic here superseded anything he’d known before. He kissed Julia softly, as though even the littlest movement could shatter her. She seemed so fragile now.

“What will we name them?” he asked.

“We’ll see,” Julia said. “We’ll know when they’re born, I think.”

“Your shoulder…” Damien’s fingers had found the injury, and Julia winced as he touched it. The slight pain reverberated through him.

“It’s fine,” Julia said. “Here. Take your knife.”

She handed him the wolfbone blade. Her fingers trembled as they passed the knife to him. He wiped the blood off before sliding it back into its sheath, noticing the chill that had come over her mood.

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