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Up in Flames(Rosemary Beach #14)(14) by Abbi Glines

“Come with me,” she said, reaching for my hand. I followed her to a back room with a sign that said Employees Only and then into a closet that was stocked with linens.

I closed the door behind us, and she pulled the little halter top off and let those boobs bounce free. “You can play with them now,” she said teasingly, as she walked up to me. “As long as you fuck me while you do it.”

My cock was hard instantly. I jerked her skirt up and found she wasn’t wearing panties. Easy access. I liked this one. I pulled a condom out of my pocket and ripped it open with my teeth before pulling my jeans down and covering myself.

“Great tits,” I murmured, as I buried my face in the cleavage, pulled a nipple into my mouth, and sucked hard. She gasped and pulled my hair, which only made me suck harder. I liked pain when I was angry, and I was angry. I might be about to get inside a hot, willing pussy, but that wasn’t going to change things. It’d only give me a much-needed release.

I picked her up by the waist, she threw open her legs, and I slammed right into her, as she wrapped her legs around me and cried out. I liked loud ones. This would be good. Real good.

“That’s it, sugar. Bounce on my cock, and let me see those titties jiggle,” I encouraged her. And like a good girl, she did just that.


I was going to kill Rush. This was his fault. No one knew where I had gone but my brother. If Gannon hadn’t been with me, I’d have called Rush by now and chewed his ass out. I hadn’t wanted him to worry about me. That was why I’d told him. It didn’t mean he could give my whereabouts to Major.

The fact that Major was downstairs waiting on me to get off the elevator pissed me off more. Did he really think I’d be so thankful that he’d come to see me that I would run to him?

Yes. He did.

Because if I wasn’t currently sitting on the sofa with Gannon, I would be running down there like the desperate-for-attention girl I was. I would convince myself that this was a romantic gesture and hope that I was enough to hold his attention this time.

“That text got you all wound up. Who was it?” Gannon asked.

I put my phone away and looked up at him. “Someone annoying. Nothing big.”

He didn’t look like he bought that, but he didn’t press the issue like Major would have. He’d let me lie if I needed to. Another plus for Gannon. He held out his hand. “Come here.”

I wasn’t the most obedient woman on the planet, but when a man like that tells you to come to him, you just do it and don’t ask questions.

I moved closer to him, and he took my hand and tugged me until I was straddling his lap. “That’s better. Been hard sitting here with you dressed so damn sexy too far away to touch.”

The things he said made me want to tell him he was perfect. All girls wanted to hear them. He just said them like they were true and came naturally. Which, mixed with his looks and his voice and his muscles, was a lethal combination.

“I was letting you enjoy your pizza,” I said, with a shiver as his large hands ran up my thighs.

“Mmmm, it’s been enjoyed. Now I’m hungry for something else.”

Smiling, I closed my eyes in anticipation of his hands getting to where they were headed. Just when they slipped under the satin of my bottoms, I remembered that it was his turn. I needed to be the one touching him. Not letting him do all the work for me again.

“Wait,” I said. That one word was so very hard to say, because I did not want to stop him from touching me. The orgasm he had given me earlier had been on an epic scale, and I wanted to do that again soon. “It’s my turn,” I said, moving off his lap and running my hand over his jeans-covered thigh until I found what I was looking for. It was already growing hard under my hand. He had been enjoying me in his lap.

“Don’t keep score, baby,” he said, covering my hand with his.

He might not keep score, but I believed in giving what you got, and he deserved the best blow job on the planet.

“I want to touch you,” I told him, as I worked his jeans open and moved to my knees on the floor in front of him. “Tug them down for me.” I didn’t move my gaze from his cock until he finally lifted his hips, jerked his jeans and boxers down, and sprang free. He was fully erect now, and I licked my lips in anticipation. I loved the power I got from this. I only did it if I was incredibly attracted to a man and he had earned it. But tonight I was impatient for it.

“Damn, you look excited about this.” He growled as his hand closed around his length. He moved his hand up and down slowly, as I watched him and he watched me. Even that was sexy. I was beginning to think everything this man did was sexy. I leaned forward on my knees, slipping my hand above where his was. I ran my thumb over the sensitive head of his cock, and his hand stilled and then moved away as he adjusted his hips and leaned back against the sofa cushions. His eyes were on me. I could feel their heat burning through me. I wanted this to be so good for him.

Lifting my gaze, I watched his face as I lowered my mouth until my tongue ran along the spot where my thumb had just been. Then, slowly, I drew the head into my mouth, wrapping my lips around it and gently sucking, while keeping my eyes lifted and directly on him.

He was breathing hard, and his hand slid into my hair, grabbing a large fistful of my thick locks. I eased his length into my mouth until the tip touched the back of my throat, before pulling it out again.

Gannon’s eyes were hooded with pleasure. His hold on my hair tightened as I continued my assault on him, sucking and then stopping to lick up the length teasingly before continuing.