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Up in Flames(Rosemary Beach #14)(11) by Abbi Glines

However, like all good orgasms do, this one faded slowly, and my eyes eventually fluttered back open. My body was completely spent, and I wasn’t sure I’d ever walk again. When my vision cleared, I could see that Gannon was watching me. The hardness underneath me told me this had turned him on. Did I have the energy to help with that? I wasn’t sure I could move.

“Which way is your bed?” he asked, his voice tight and a little pleased with himself.

“To the right,” I said, sounding exhausted.

He stood up and carried me to the bed. If we were going to finish this, he needed to give me a moment to return from the clouds he’d sent me to. I wasn’t back just yet.

With a gentleness I didn’t expect from a man who looked like him, he laid me on the bed, slipped off my heels, and covered me up.

“Take a nap. We’ll get something to eat when you wake up later tonight.”

I opened my mouth to respond, but he turned and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

He wouldn’t insist that I relieve him? That didn’t seem fair at all. I would have told him so if my eyes weren’t closing and my body slowly sinking into sleep.


I fucking loved Vegas when I was here purely for fun. Not when I had work to do. Rush hadn’t offered any more details before he’d sent me packing, so I’d have to comb over the entire town for the little redhead. In his eyes, he was testing me. I could understand a little, because I’d grown up watching Mase protect his little sister, Harlow. I got the whole sibling thing, even if I was an only child.

But holy fuck, how was I supposed to find her here? All my tracking equipment was handled by Cope—who was also missing and more than likely here watching my every move, just like he was watching hers. Jackass. I wasn’t sure why he thought this was the way to prove his point. I got it. I had fucked up. I needed to give Nan more attention and take this seriously. If she didn’t love me and trust me, then I was never going to clear her name. Truth was, that was what I intended to do. That girl was not mixed up in the shit Cope thought she was. I knew from spending a little time with her that she was too self-absorbed to care about something like that.

I was going to start with the top two casinos that sounded like Nan’s taste: Caesars Palace and the Bellagio. If I could figure out which one she was at, I would stalk the place until I found her.

The cab driver pulled up outside the Bellagio. The flash of the fountains reminded me of Nan. She liked attention. I’d started to reach into my back pocket for my wallet when the door opened¸ and Cope climbed into the cab.

“Back to the airport,” he barked at the driver.

“What the fuck?” I glared at the bossy son of a bitch.

The driver looked from me to Cope. “He’s staying in the cab. Airport now.” Cope’s demand was even more intimidating this time.

The driver didn’t argue.

“I’ve got her. You go back to Rosemary Beach. I don’t need you here. She’d go back with you, and I wouldn’t be able to stay close to her there. There’s no reason for me to be in Rosemary Beach. She’d question that. Go get this shit for hot tail out of your system, and prepare to focus only on Nan when she gets back. But you’re not needed here. I’ve got it completely under control. Good chance we’ll have our answers before she leaves.”

I wasn’t sure I’d ever heard him say that many words at one time. “How do you have it under control?” I asked, not sure I liked this. “I want her safe.”

Cope scowled. “She’s safer now than she’s ever been. I know her every move, unlike you.”

That wasn’t what I meant. “I want her safe from you. She’s innocent in this. You’ll see that soon enough.”

“Maybe. But unless she proves otherwise, she’s safe with me.”

I didn’t want to leave. I felt like I was giving in. Handing over what was mine, even if it was just a job. “I want to see her.”

Cope looked amused. “I bet you do. But you had your chance and fucked it up. Now you’re not needed here.”

I might have actually hated the man in that moment. He was so detached from the world; he had a coldness that seeped through him. Nan would see that. She wouldn’t get close to him. “She’ll never open up to you.”

He grinned this time. “Yes, she will. I just tucked her into bed after giving her an orgasm that almost made her pass out.”

The tight knot in my chest exploded, and I had to use every ounce of strength in me not to attack the jackass. I hated what he was saying. I didn’t believe him, but then, why would he lie? “You’re lying,” I snarled, angry that she would even let him near her.

He didn’t deny or confirm my accusation. “You can let me out here. He needs to return to the airport,” Cope told the driver, and he tossed a wad of bills into the front seat. One glance at that, and the driver pulled over at the end of the Strip. Cope climbed out without another word to me.

When the door slammed behind him, I let out a frustrated growl. “Take me to old Vegas,” I told the driver, leaning back in the seat. I’d get some food and head back to the Bellagio. I wasn’t leaving Nan unprotected.

I would try to text her again. Maybe she’d answer if she knew I was here. That I’d come after her.

I’m in Vegas. I’ve come to see you.

I hit Send. I could only hope that Cope was lying and she wasn’t letting him into her bed. At least I enjoyed the things I’d done with her. He was straight up using her for a job. She was better than that. Motherfucker didn’t deserve to touch her.